A Ballad of Blood and Brutality

The Battle for Amreth
A Decisive Victory for House Drake

The House members find themselves in the village of Amreth, on the northern border of their demense, adjacent to the enemy lands of House Buckwell.

(Homer) and his cavalry company is ambushed by archers on the North Road. He spoils the ambush by charging into the enemy archers, decimating them. The survivors route with the rest of their ambush force.

(Richard) finds the missing could-be half-brother (bastard) Warrick hiding in the ruined watch tower just above the village. Warrick attempts to defend himself and escape what he fears to be more Buckwell forces attempting to capture him. (Richard) tries to talk the youth ‘down’, but Warrick leaps from the tower in his feeble hopes to escape. The boy is broken-armed, knocked-out, but ok.

(Beth) rallies the townspeople in rousing speeches against the Buckwell Menace. They swear their loyalty after some initial resistance. They rally to her, around Warrick, and all looks promising.

Then, Giles, via ravens, tells the House members about a force of Buckwell infantry moving into Drake lands. Scouts are dispatched to find, fix and harass the invaders. News comes, too, that the House Father is dead. (Beth) declares herself Lady Drake. Her brothers swear their fealty. Their father’s will is sealed and in the care of Meister Giles, to be opened once the entire family is gathered at Old Keep. A strategy meeting ensued and reinforcements were sent-for.

The battle came two days later. The peasant levies were raised and prepared three wooden palisades, with hope that they would disrupt the enemy formation and allow the cavalry to strike the infantry in the sides or rear.

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